How to Cater to everyone…

How to Cater to everyone…

Many newlyweds struggle with how to cater the perfect wedding reception. These days everyone seems to have some kind of dietary restriction, and the classic reception dinner with two course options can often leave your vegan cousin or your gluten-free brides maid feeling limited. Here are some tips for making sure that your guests are comfortable, happy, and ready to celebrate on your special day without breaking the bank!

Tip # 1

Choose a great caterer.

No one wants to spend their wedding worrying about how to make sure their guests are happy and fed. So pick a custom caterer, someone who can work with you ahead of time to design the ideal menu, and let them take it from there. Deer Park Manor works with over twenty caterers’s every year and can suggest the perfect person for your celebration.

(Sara and Travis worked with Bloomington’s Renown Cynthia Moriarty)

Tip #2

Start the evening off with Hors d’oeuvers.

Having a few tasty morsels passed around before dinner is a simply and cost effective way to create an elegant environment and makes your guests feel pampered.

(Guests enjoy Cynthia’s mini quiche and crab…)

Tip # 3

Go for an eclectic buffet. Besides being a colorful, centerpiece that will surely wow your guests, a buffet provides bountiful options for everyone.


(Deer Parks’s performance hall offers the perfect ambiance for a the sumptuous banquet created by Cynthia Moriarty)

Tip # 4

Enjoy yourself!

Congratulations Emily and Travis!